Microbunny Microbunny

Former King Cobb Steelie guitarist Al Okada, the textural wizard featured on their first three albums, unleashes his musical id in his first solo project. It’s a dubterranean landscape of smoky jazz, Red Snapper’s down-tempo cinematica, Laika’s sounds for stargazing, and post-punk goth. More than anything, though, it resembles a lush and creepy Badalamenti score for a sci-fi film, with upright bass, twangy guitar, vibes and twilight textures. Okada is a funkier drummer though, and he’s responsible for all the music, editing and sampling only self-created and non-quantised sounds. Tamara Williamson floats above Okada’s cloudy compositions with her patented — though no less effective — reverbed ethereal vocals, providing a semblance of pop structure to give casual listeners an entry point. Otherwise, it’s a haunting, occasionally harrowing and very headphone-friendly trip.