Michael Reinhart Lost & Found

Michael Reinhart makes country-folk sound jazzy on his latest release, Lost & Found. The tickling of piano keys on "Broken Idea," the relaxed staccato of his vocal delivery, a track called "Nola," it all mixes together with a traditional roots musical style to create a comfortable hybrid that states Reinhart is just too relaxed to stick to one genre. Highlights on Lost & Found include the accordion in "Falling into the Sky," the Nick Drake-ian "Nola" and Reinhart's warm, gravely vocal performance. Reinhart, who in 2003 released a collaboration with a group of Inuit singers in Nunavut, Quaraaluktuq, and followed that up with a an original music score for a TIFF feature film, Before Tomorrow, in 2008, is finally gracing Canada with his first solo release, and it's an immensely pleasurable listen. (Independent)