Michael Feuerstack & Associates "Along the Way" (ft. Mathias Kom)

Michael Feuerstack & Associates 'Along the Way' (ft. Mathias Kom)
Former Snailhouse tunesmith Michael Feuerstack has been rolling out songs from his impending Singer Songer LP on a weekly basis. The latest is "Along the Way."

Every cut from Singer Songer features a different guest singer, and this is no exception, as Mathias Kom of the Burning Hell offers up his deep, earthy croon for the contemplative track. It features nimble acoustic riffs and some quiet brass, and the tone shifts slightly when Kom's voice rises plaintively.

Check out the song below, along with a comedic video about Kom trying to figure out how to pronounce Feuerstack's name.

Singer Songer is due out on clear blue vinyl on Record Store Day (April 19). CD and digital versions will follow on April 29 through Forward Music/Headless Owl.