Mic Boyd Lost in the Woods

There’s nothing wrong with riding coattails, especially when they’re attached to your big brother, and his name is Classified. On Lost in the Woods, Mic Boyd’s debut, Class gives him some of his best beats to work with. And for the most part, Mic does them justice. With the exception of his attempt at positivity ("Ignored,” featuring cantankerous label-mate Jordan Croucher) and some interludes scripted worse than a college radio play, Mic shows he has the lyrical temerity to hold his on. At 23, he’s comfortable enough to admit to living with his parents ("Moving Out”) and confident admitting to his girl foibles ("True Love,” featuring fantastic soul-stress Kaleigh Cole). He is very much the little brother but, talent-wise, at only the beginning of his career, Mic is where Classified was only a few years ago. (Halflife)