Mic Boogie That's Me

There’s Mick Boogie the mixtape king, Mike Boogie the reality show contestant and then there’s Mic Boogie, Oshawa MC. Backed by Universal, amongst a few other small labels, Mic Boogie’s That’s Me is everything a club DJ hopes to get in his or her weekly pile of promos. Virtually every song is a club banger, with percussive drums, synthesisers, R&B or reggae hooks and in-your-face raps. But amongst all the heat it brings it feels soulless — a superficial album so intent on getting radio play that every song melts together and it becomes difficult to tell the difference between two songs on opposite ends like "I Don't Know” or "That’s Me.” Even the "Good Look” remix manages to turn a KRS-One cameo into an awkward play date as the Teacha tries to freestyle to an MTV crowd. (Costa)