Mi Amore Crawlin' Kingsnake

The province of Quebec has been producing amazing metal-influenced hardcore as of late, and Quebec City's Mi Amore is no exception. Equally influenced by rock and metal, Mi Amore sounds like what Led Zeppelin would sound like if they were a hardcore band: talented, raw, unpolished and powerful. The 12 songs on Crawlin' Kingsnake brilliantly capture the band's incredible live performance, and had me banging my head for the record's entirety. The crushing, catchy riffs and blazing guitar solos served up on this record are comparable to the likes of Pantera, Down and Black Sabbath, or even the newer offerings from Coalesce and Entombed. Cyclop has already released impressive records from Buried Inside, A Perfect Murder, and Fifth Hour Hero (who this band shares members with but sound nothing like), and this CD is another gem just waiting to be discovered. (Cyclop)