Mexican Slang "Fever"

Mexican Slang 'Fever'
A couple of years back, Mexican Slang's Annabelle Lee self-recorded an EP called Twerp that included a rough version of the song "Fever." This has now been re-recorded for a forthcoming 7-inch for Buzz Records, and it can be heard now.

This isn't too radical a change from the original version, since it's still a fuzzy punk stomper with atmospheric, psych-tinged textures. But unlike the paper-thin sonics of the prior version's drum-machine-driven squall, this is full-bodied and heavy. At least part of the credit for this belongs to Josh Korody, who recorded and mixed it.

Scroll past the band's tour schedule to hear it below. Toronto fans will be able to pick this up at the band's hometown show later this month.

Tour dates:

03/11 Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium *^
03/12 Philadelphia, PA - Kung-Fu Necktie ~
03/13 Richmond, VA - Circle Thrift *
03/15 Atlanta, GA - The Earl %
03/16 Birmingham, AL - Below at Doghead *$
03/21 Austin, TX - Sledge Hammer SXSW showcase *#
03/23 Nashville, TN - Pussy Palace +
03/24 Cincinnati, OH - The Comet =
03/28 Toronto, ON - S.H.I.B.G.B'S !

* with Crosss
^ with Sleepies, Lodro, bbigpigg
~ with Seismic Thrust, Crime Hands
% with Dirty Fences, Boytoy, Sheer Mag
$ with Muuy Biien
# with Bad Breeding, Solids, HSY, Pinecones
+ with Ttotals
= with Swim Team, Leggy
! with the Ukiah Drag, Moss Lime