Mew Declare Eggs Are Funny with New Compilation

Mew Declare <i>Eggs Are Funny</i> with New Compilation
Mew's dreamy prog rock sound is far too strange to ever result in a massive smash hit, but the group have nonetheless managed to crack the charts a few times in Scandinavia and the UK. Now, the Danish outfit are getting set to compile some of their best tracks onto a new compilation, Eggs Are Funny, due out this fall.

The title comes from an early song, one of the first the band ever wrote. In addition to compiling 14 old favourites, it contains one new track, "Do You Love It?," which you can preview over at Soundvenue.

According to the band, a special-edition version will include "a neat DVD of all the music videos we've ever done, including a never-before-seen one for 'Panda,' which was actually edited to a very early demo of the song, not the A Triumph For Man version."

Fansite lists the release date as October 25, but Mew's official site clarifies, "This collection will be made available to you in either October or November, depending on what country you live in."

You can see the album cover above and the tracklist below.

Eggs Are Funny:


1. "Am I Wry? No"

2. "Snow Brigade"

3. "Introducing Palace Players"

4. "Beach"

5. "Silas the Magic Car"

6. "Wheels Over Me"

7. "Saliva (New Mix)"

8. "She Came Home for Christmas"

9. "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy"

10. "Do You Love It?"

11. "Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed"

12. "156"

13. "Special"

14. "The Zookeeper's Boy"

15. "Comforting Sounds"


1. "I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You)"

2. "Panda"

3. "She Came Home for Christmas"

4. "Mica"

5. "Am I Wry? No"

6. "Comforting Sounds"

7. "156"

8. "Why Are You Looking Grave"

9. "Special"

10. "The Zookeeper's Boy"

11. "Beach"

12. "Repeaterbeater"

13. "Introducing Palace Players"