Mew "Water Slides" (video)

Mew 'Water Slides' (video)
We previously described Mew's song "Water Slides" has having a "flavour of cinematic drama," and now the prog-inclined Danes have brought this cinematic drama to life with a music video directed by Anders Malmberg.

The subtly soaring tune is paired with a clip that shows ultra-slow-motion shots of a few folks who have some sort of colourful, sticky-looking gel-like substance smeared across their faces. The exact meaning it difficult to decipher, but it reinforces the mood of the tune.

Mew's Jonas Bjerre said in a statement, "It's a mystery of sorts — we are presented with a feeling that something is wrong, but we can't know what it is, and an almost pleasurable giving in, to impending disaster."

Watch it below. Mew's album + - arrives on April 28 through Play It Again Sam.