METZ "The Swimmer" (Bird Peterson remix)

METZ 'The Swimmer' (Bird Peterson remix)
Last week, Toronto noisemakers METZ had their single "The Swimmer" remixed by Cody Votolato and now it's been given another revamp, courtesy of Bird Peterson.
The Austin-based trap producer told Consequence of Sound (where the track premiered): "I love this band and this record. And when we met, I asked if I could go nuts on some of their tunes. And then I did. So many nuts involved. I just wanted to be loud and loud and nuts and loud."
Peterson slows things down a bit on his interpretation, but what he dials back in tempo, he more than makes up for with added percussion, taking the noise levels to a new high.
The album artwork declares that "METZ plus Bird Peterson is a great time" — you can brace for the onslaught of aggressive sound and hit play below to decide for yourself.