Metallica Chronicled with 'Complete Illustrated History' Book

Metallica Chronicled with 'Complete Illustrated History' Book
Metallica recently launched their own record label, but rather than announce a new album, the metal titans will follow their upcoming 3D film with an illustrated book. The tome is quite naturally titled Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History, and it's due out November 15 through Voyageur Press.

It brings together onstage and candid photographs with what a product description calls "a stunning selection of memorabilia, including gig posters, concert tees, picture sleeves, backstage passes, buttons, ticket stubs, and more." All told, there are more than 300 images.

The tome also includes writing and analysis from a host of journalists, such as the book's main metal scribe Martin Popoff. These writings detail the band's storied career and examine each of their albums, including 2011's poorly received Lou Reed collaboration Lulu. The book reportedly follows a similar format to previous Voyageur Press books on Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen and Iron Maiden.

See an Amazon listing for the book right here.

Recent quotes from Metallica members indicate that they have been slowly working on a new full-length, but there are no confirmed details as to exactly when this will arrive. When it does, it will be the proper follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic.