<i>Here Comes a City</i>

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 7, 2011

Now is a good time to be a fan of Torquil Campbell. Not only did he release an album and an EP with his band Stars last year, but he's given us Cold Hands, Warm Heart from his collaborative group Dead Child Star and soon we will get Here Comes a City, the latest album from his Memphis side-project with Chris Dumont. The anticipated Memphis album is due out Tuesday (March 8) via Arts & Crafts, but if you're itching to know what's in store, fear not -- we have the entire album now streaming in Click Hear.

The album was recorded over a three-year span, with sessions taking place in New York, Montreal, Seattle, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Vancouver. The result is an album that is packed with "melodic beauty and unashamed lyrical romanticism," says the press release, but is simultaneously "dark and dense, troubled and distracted."

We've already heard the upbeat single "I Want the Lights on After Dark." Now you can listen to the rest of it, which contains "exquisitely crafted pop songs that translates to music stunning imagery from everyday life," as the PR puts it.

As previously reported, Memphis have lined up several Canadian dates in Ontario and Quebec to go along with the album release. You can click here for the entire schedule.

And you can check out more details about Here Comes a City and Memphis here or simply listen below.

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