Memories of an Old Man Nowhere Seems To Be Here

When a band employ words like "ambient" and "experimental" to describe their sound, it's easy to assume their sound will be something nebulous and pliant, filled with gentle explorations and shimmering textures. This couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to Nowhere Seems To Be Here, the most recent album by Sherbrooke, QC act Memories of an Old Man. While there are certainly moments of tenderness, the dominant characteristic of this record is that of a rough, almost bullying muscularity. Memories of an Old Man manhandle the audience as they squeeze and torque their sound, mercilessly bending riffs and rhythms into shape. A brutal sweetness often creeps in around the edges, especially in "Endless Love," which is equal parts affection and destruction, like a clumsy giant trying to catch a butterfly, crushing it instead. Huge and fumbling, Nowhere Seems To Be Here is a harrowing experience. (Guilty Parade)