Members of Mastodon, Converge, Mars Volta, Soulfly, Dillinger Escape Plan Team Up for New Supergroup

Members of Mastodon, Converge, Mars Volta, Soulfly, Dillinger Escape Plan Team Up for New Supergroup
Reports have surfaced that the metal, hardcore and prog worlds will collide via a new band that reportedly boasts members of Mastodon, Converge, the Mars Volta, Dillinger Escape Plan and Soulfly.

The news came via an interview with Soulfly leader and former Sepultura vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera, who confided to a Singaporean radio station [via Metal Injection] that the other members include Mastodon bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders, Converge/Old Man Gloom four-stringer Nate Newton, the Mars Volta drummer Dave Elitch and thick-throated Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato.

While Cavalera noted the band have yet to give themselves a name, they do plan on wrapping up writing sessions in December, with plans to record in January.

"I'm following, in a lot of ways, some of the same footsteps as Nailbomb [Cavalera's mid-1990s project with Fudge Tunnel member Alex Newport] in my approach to this project — a lot of do-it-yourself, punk-rock kind of feeling to the project. So the songs are written really quick — I don't think too much about it. I like it more like that, so they are very raw."

While Cavalera hinted at some speedy punk numbers, he also said that the band will take a multi-vocalist approach to the project. This makes sense considering he, Puciato, Sanders, and Newton all have distinct screaming styles. That said, he noted the project features three vocalists, so it's unsure at this point who isn't stepping to the mic.

Interestingly, he compared the tag-team vocal attack to that of California ska-rap unit the Transplants, which has us hoping there's a Garnier Fructis contract just waiting in the wings.

"I think it's gonna be a very original project. I don't know any other metal projects out there with three people singing like this. So it can be almost like a Transplants of metal. Transplants had three singers; this also has three singers, and it can be very, very great."