Members of Every Time I Die Want to Form a "Different Band"

The Buffalo-based metalcore outfit announced their split earlier this week after over 23 years together

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 19, 2022

Living up to their name, the plot of Every Time I Die's breakup continues to thicken: in a new series of tweets, it seems like guitarist Jordan Buckley — singer Keith Buckley's brother — intends to continue making music with his longtime bandmates, Andy Williams, Stephen Micciche and Clayton "Goose" Holyoak, without their former frontman.

Last night (January 18), the vocalist issued his own lengthy statement on the band's "inevitable" breakup. While his brother Jordan has since tweeted that there's "no replacing" the singer, the guitarist has also shared his plans to continue writing music with Williams, Micciche and Holyoak while responding to some tweets from fans.

"It will just be with a different band now, that's all," Buckley wrote, assuring that he would continue making music and hopes to "never stop getting in a room with [Williams, Micciche and Holyoak] to write rippers."

"Our ability to write music together has only gotten better," the musician added, "I wouldn't even know how to stop."

See the latest Twitter action amid the messy Every Time I Die split below.

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