​Melissa Etheridge Previews 'The Medicine Show' LP with "Faded By Design"

​Melissa Etheridge Previews 'The Medicine Show' LP with 'Faded By Design'
Melissa Etheridge has announced plans for her next studio album. Titled The Medicine Show, it's due out on April 12 via Concord Records.
The album marks Etheridge's 15th full-length offering, and she recorded it with producer John Shanks.
The first track to arrive from the upcoming album is called "Faded By Design."
"The sound of the song and the whole record is purposefully aimed at that 90's rock sound," she said in a statement. "When rock was moody and fierce. 'Faded' is spot on a Melissa Etheridge song. You know it from the first few notes. I wrote it on my twelve string and kept it true to that sound."
It's an album that touches on themes of "renewal, reconciliation, reckoning, compassion and, most profoundly, healing" through stories about everything from U.S. politics to the opioid crisis to the Parkland shooting.
See the full tracklisting for The Medicine Show and stream "Faded By Design" below.
The Medicine Show:
1. The Medicine Show
2. Wild and Lonely
3. Shaking
4. Woman Like You
5. Faded By Design
6. I Know You
7. This Human Chain
8. Love Will Live
9. Here Comes the Pain
10. Suede
11. Last Hello