Meligrove Band Stars & Guitars

Mississauga's the Meligrove Band put a slightly more original spin on the poppy guitar rock by adding a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll. In some songs there's a real obvious slab of '50s rock and roll spun through the midst of the tune ("Over Again" and "Fifty In Your Pocket") and that is also reflected in the tasteful vocal harmonies and periodic "sha-na-nas." The country twang is a lot more subtle, but if you listen closely enough (particularly on the likes of "Sooner Or Later"), it is still lurks in the background. There's something about the band's guitar work that is reminiscent of the Local Rabbits - "All The Moves" could almost be a Rabbits outtake - yet they do manage to retain that all important originality. The lyrics don't really have an awful lot to say; just your usual tales of boy meets girl (successful and otherwise), but you'll hardly notice thanks to the catchiness of the tunes. Practically the entire album is upbeat and even the slower songs still have a certain unwavering pace that hardly gives you a chance to catch your breath. Stars & Guitars is an album jam-packed of fun, poppy songs that makes for a pretty irresistible debut. (Ductape)