Meligrove Band Let It Grow

The second release by this Toronto trio displays an abundance of varied pop influences, ranging from the Beach Boys and Beatles to Thrush Hermit and Canada's best-known indie rock haircuts Sloan. And the Meligrove Band's assorted inspirations yield a mixture of results. "Along Comes A Smile" offers an excellent melodic progression, surprisingly augmented by banjo. "Check Your Messages" and "Take Me To The Sun" add more brazen riffs to the band's abundance of melodies and strong arrangements. "Before We Arrive" and "Really, Really, Really," meanwhile, feature extreme multi-tracked vocal harmonies that sound like a high school choir drunk on Pet Sounds, hairspray and their own sense of cleverness. Let It Grow offers moments of refined pop, but its occasional over-indulgences ultimately produce an uneven record. (Ductape)