Melek-Tha De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca

Fusing elements of the Exorcist, church bells, dark ambient soundscapes and industrial rhythms to create one hellish atmosphere, Lord Evil’s 74-minute opus is devilishly delightful. His second album is a perfect soundtrack for a reading of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. The opening sample and orchestral power of “Hell on Earth–Prelude,” forces you to perk up and listen. A church choir heralds the summing of a demon and an Exorcist story unfolds. With priests commanding the devil to be gone and the choir singing loud enough to call forth angels, the horror contained within finally settles down towards the end of De Magia Naturali Deamoniaca. The desolate mood continues, but your mind is free to wander. Musically, the album is very difficult to compare, as Melek-Tha are in a coven of their own. Although Kervonian does come to mind, this album is much less ambient, taking on a darker industrial nature. For optimum enjoyment, devote enough time to listen to the album without distraction, complete with candles. The epic story is well worth the effort. (Cold Spring)