Megadeth That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires

Following in the footsteps of Iron Maiden and throngs of other bands that have realised that countries below the equator are a haven for heavy metal, Megadeth issue their own South American live release. A double-disc that documents one performance — hence the title — That One Night showcases the band circa 2005, performing a selection of tracks spanning their 20-plus-year history. Technically and in terms of production, the album is seamless. Front-man Dave Mustaine sounds strong and confident while the rest of the band hammer away at a greatest hits set list with ease and enthusiasm. Boasting three songs not on the DVD version ("Skin Of My Teeth,” "Die Dead Enough” and "Angry Again,” respectively), the album does stand on strong legs. Yet while That One Night is a bang-up effort, its relevance is questionable given that the band released previous live effort Rude Awakening only a few years prior. (Image)