Mechanism Inspired Horrific

The debut independent release from Vancouver, BC's progressive death metal band Mechanism is technical yet still contains a very classic sound. This could partly be attributable to the band's legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (Death, Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad). Inspired Horrific has a Meshuggah-like heaviness but Mechanism uses a variety of diverse time signatures, giving the album a unique sound from the start with "Machine." Vocalist Chris "the Heathen" Valagao makes use of a range of different vocal styles but his sound is at all times ominous, giving the album a very dark atmosphere. Valagao's vocal range is displayed in "Hall of the Gods," which, with stellar duel guitar work by Kris Schulz and Bryan Somerville, is Inspired Horrific's catchiest head-banging track. "Unsinger" and "Lord and Thief" are also notable for intensely heavy and technical guitar riffs, and as the song title suggests, closing track "Pummel" is a definite sonic attack with incredible blast beat drumming. (Independent)