The 2010s have been a great time for experimental and unconventional metal; it's no longer consigned to fitting into easily qualifiable subgenres, or following some set of prescribed rules laid out by fans and other bands.
MEATWOUND are a great example of the recent innovation in metal, and their layered, doomy, electronic-driven sound is a new take on all the awesome and innovative metal that's been coming out lately. It's no surprise that MEATWOUND have a tight sound — the group features members of Holy Mountain, Headless Dogs and Primate Research, and have deep roots in the Florida scene. They're also signed to Magic Bullet Records, and like many other bands on that label, they embody a strange and lovely mix of eclectic sounds that make MEATWOUND a definite band to watch.
Addio is MEATWOUND's debut LP, and it's completely and consistently crushing. Some of the highlights: "Goliath," the second track, which is a pounding, unrelenting anthem; "Hand of God," possibly the most transcendent track on the album, driven by repetitive, heavy synths; and "I am Transgressor," which draws the most from straightforward doom influences. There are a few moments on the record that sound just a little too similar to each other, but for the most part, there is enough doominess, grooviness and nastiness to keep listeners interested throughout.
In their press release, MEATWOUND describe their sound, explaining that they "grew up in the late 80s/early 90s on the first Earache bands, the first Relapse records, Tampa death metal, Public Enemy, Dischord shit, Steve Albini rampages, Wax Trax, Crass Records, drugs, skateboarding, horror movies, the usual." This, along with their undeniable Godflesh-worship, makes them a (very unique) force to be reckoned with. (Magic Bullet)