The Measure [SA] One Chapter in the Book: A Collection of Standard Waits and Measurements

Sometimes you can actually hear people having fun while they record music. It’s rare and it’s pretty special, and it’s something the Measure [SA] have always had. This collection of the band’s seven-inch releases is a fine digital compilation (betraying the "strictly analog” interpretation of the "SA” in their name) of their rough-edged pop punk, which draws comparisons to bands like Fifth Hour Hero and a punked-up Defiance, Ohio. Highlights include the slow-burning "Hit the Ground Running” and the vaguely Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet-esque "Murderous Bugs with Giant Needle Knives,” which seriously sounds like a punk-ed, vocal-ed Kids in the Hall theme — so, awesome. If you read, you love this already. (Kiss of Death)