Means Come To An End

Means Come To An End
Regina, SK melodic hardcore band Means have revealed via their MySpace blog that, after three albums and six years as a band, they’re calling it quits.

Though they haven’t given any specific reasons, they do emphasize that they’re ending as friends:

As a band, we are proud of the miles behind us and the work ethic we maintained even though nothing-is-perfect. We are proud that we were a band that was able to laugh with one another and at ourselves along the way, often to the point of vomiting, crying, soiling etc., or all-of-the-above. Happy for all the pathetic inside jokes that for good reason mean nothing to anyone but us. Finally, we are proud of one another and the people we are becoming; trusting that through the experience of playing in this band we are growing to be more compassionate and understanding individuals.

Fortunately, rather than end cold turkey, they’ve announced that they’ll be playing 28 shows on a final cross-country tour. While the details haven’t been fully posted, they did explain that the tour will include 16 dates in Ontario and Eastern Canada dates, five U.S. dates, and seven Western Canada dates. The band’s final show will take place on November 28 in Saskatchewan.

Means released To Keep Me From Sinking earlier this year.

Means "What Blood to Shed" (live)