MC Homeless Trapped Under an Ohio Sky

Music collective and record label DIY Bandits mark their first foray into hip-hop with Trapped Under an Ohio Sky, from anarchist rapper MC Homeless, and it’s a good fit. Homeless isn’t about being the best; instead, he’s trying to get a message across: "I don’t think I have a choice/All I have is my voice/And I say what’s on my mind,” he raps on "Cannot Say.” What’s on his mind is expressed through a slow rhyme flow that’s occasionally punctuated with double-time staccato raps. His often-inflammatory lyrics are contrasted by his mellow production choices, although he does start things off with some more aggressive tracks. "Intro Scratch Composition” is nothing but vinyl manipulation by DJ Shortrock before "Cannot Say” kicks things into gear with an up-tempo production that’s only outdone by "Chop,” the crunk track that follows. The hard drums on "Purple Ashes Pt. 2,” with a great verse from K-the-I???, make for another aggressive album highlight. On the other hand, "Champagne Wishes,” with its Puff Daddy-like sampling of the Smiths’ "How Soon Is Now?” and the minimal glitch-hop of "Destroy” just don’t work for Homeless. (DIY Bandits)