MC5 Documentary Launches Fundraising Campaign to Get Film Released

MC5 Documentary Launches Fundraising Campaign to Get Film Released
Back in 2004, plans to screen a documentary on legendary Detroit proto-punks MC5 called MC5 - A True Testimonial in theatres were scrapped, as were those to release the film on DVD. Interestingly, it was MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer who put the kibosh on the flick, denying the requisite synchronization licence for the band's music publishing, meaning he would not let producers use the music of the very band the documentary was about.

A 2005 suit from Kramer claiming copyright infringement, fraud and breach of contract against the film's director, producer and Future/Now Films was eventually thrown out by a judge who deemed there was "insufficient factual basis" to back up the rocker's claim. Even so, the movie lay dormant and unscreened, or at least until now hopefully.

A Kickstarter page has been put up by filmmakers David C. Thomas and Laurel Legler with hopes to raise funds to set up screenings of the flick, as well as a proper DVD release. They hope to raise $27,000 by May 10.

If you need any convincing, consider the flick a primer into one of the most important rock bands of the late '60s. "Largely a labour of love, they exquisitely detailed one of the great untold stories of the '60s, the intriguing meteoric rise and fall of the legendary Motor City Five," the Kickstarter page says of the project.

As of press time, the tally is hovering just over $3,500. Feel free to donate if you would like to see this pic soon. The more you pledge, the more you get back, too, as incentives included pins, T-shirts and a super-secret MC5 vinyl release.

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