Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster III

The thought of blending Southern rock with metalcore is about as enticing as drinking a big, swirling glass of ketchup and milk. However, at one point way back when people thought that punk and metal would never be able to coexist and look at those worlds now. That border is so blurred it might as well be dismissed forever. Such is the case with Birmingham, AL's Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. The concept seems almost ridiculous yet III is such an incredibly upbeat and pestilential affair that it burrows into one's conscious and refuses to be dislodged. Rooted in the same metalcore that brought vocalist Dallas Taylor to popularity with former outfit Underoath, yet embracing the shuffling grooves, rich harmonies and twangy guitar lines native to their geographic roots, III features just enough grit to be metal but can't deny the Roadsaw, Clutch and yes, Skynyrd foundation upon which it is built. Sleazy and greasy while still catchy, melodic and driving, III finds Maylene and the Sons of Disaster realizing an intended cohesive inventiveness inspired by the Ma Barker saga. (Type)