Max Cooper

World Passing By

BY Dylan BarnabePublished Nov 24, 2017

Following the release of Chromos earlier this year, Max Cooper is back to delight followers with World Passing By. The EP, like much of Cooper's discography, explores the intersection of science, music and art, and features four new tracks accompanied by a visual representation of his work with help from director Kevin McGloughlin. The visuals will be featured during Cooper's live shows.
Like much of Cooper's work, the new EP is characterized by its highly conceptual and textured nature. In speaking about his inspiration for it, Copper explains his fascination with temporal exploration: "I wondered if our experience of time could be explained...where time is just a physical dimension into which things grow, with us experiencing now as the cusp of the inflation," he says in the press release.
World Passing By is a rich and multilayered reflection on time ("Resynthesis" stands out as the EP's shining offering) that's worth your time to listen and enjoy.  It'll be warmly welcomed by fans of Cooper and those who appreciate the subtleties of exploratory electronic music.

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