Matty Powell & The Resonance The Ness Creek Sessions

A bunch of musicians wander off into the woods of Saskatoon, SK, stay there for a few days and wander back out with an album, The Ness Creek Sessions. Powered by a generator, the album seems to have grown overnight (which, in a sense, it did), as these musicians meet, get to know each other and make music that feels like an impromptu living room concert but also a finished musical product. Clean and clear, even mountain air-like, the innocence of good intentions comes through in the very nature of the project, and in the singing. Matty Powell’s songs are well crafted and poetic, and the strings twang and ring in the relative darkness of a fire lit cabin, the voices emerging and fading as they move in and out of the circle of light, the imperfections blurring in face of the larger ideals. It’s not an idea that would necessarily coalesce for everyone, but the stars were in alignment on this particular weekend, blessing music that takes you away. (Independent)