Matt Mays Breaks Up His El Torpedo

Matt Mays Breaks Up His El Torpedo
Did you know that when a couple of members leave your band it's better to call it quits than forge ahead? That's what happened with Nova Scotian indie folk rocker Matt Mays this week.

According to his website, Mays has dissolved his group El Torpedo after drummer Tim Baker and bassist Andy Patil split for greener pastures. El Torpedo are what CBC Radio 3 refers to as his "ferocious backing band" of the past seven years. And you know how on top of things CBC is, right?

Regardless, CBC did scoop this information, noting that Mays hasn't quite given his new backers a name, but Dale Murray and Serge Sampson will fill the empty slots. They both performed with Mays in his Halifax-based band the Guthries back in the day. Drummer Damien Moynihan of Garrett Mason Band rounds out the fold.

Says Mays about the situation:

"Things change, the clocks keep pounding forward. I feel their rhythm and pound on as well. I'm inspired by newness. Fuelled by change. It's like the excitement of finding a new love. The theme of my live show will remain the same. Good friends playing loud rock'n'roll together. We look forward to seeing you all this summer."

Geez, if two members quit Matthew Good's band or say, metal outfit Megadeth, can you imagine how many great riffs would never have been air guitar-ed to all these years?