Matt & Kim / Best Fwends Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto ON November 8

Matt & Kim / Best Fwends Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto ON November 8
Photo: Andrea England
There’s an undeniable mirth that comes in attending a show with Matt & Kim and Best Fwends on the bill. Both acts are filled to the gills with unbridled enthusiasm, and they each channel it using completely different approaches.

Fort Worth, TX duo Best Fwends are the sort of guys who repeatedly had their mouths washed out with soap during their formative years. Armed with only a ghettoblaster, a backdrop sporting their self-drawn monsters and two oversized, blow-up gargoyles, it was the sort of set-up you’d expect from The Gong Show. But the youthful crowd in the College Street art space ate it up, and with good reason: Anthony Davis and Dustin Pilkington might just sing along to pre-recorded instrumentals of their extra hyper thrash pop, but they do it with more gusto and guts than any band actually using instruments.

Though a decent-sized difference in energy separated the two bands, Brooklyn’s Matt & Kim used their adorable chemistry to keep the crowd’s adrenaline pumping. With new album, Grand, on its way, the couple finally had some new tuneage for the overexcited concertgoers, but despite the thrill of hearing them play the thump-tastic new single "Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare,” it was seeing the massive smiles on their faces and the constant interaction with each other and the audience that made the show so endearing.

Matt asked the crowd if Kim’s zebra-striped top was "too cougar,” while Kim surveyed to see if Matt should be allowed to buy a keytar; the results were overwhelmingly no and yes. Drawing attention to the three young tykes to stage right, they dedicated and rocked out with their synth’n’drums to their Virgin Mobile and Juno-approved anthem, "Yea Yeah,” bringing the house to a spastic frenzy and the night to a sweaty zenith.