Matt & Bubba Kadane Music From The Film Hell House

While the names may not sound familiar, Matt & Bubba Kadane are actually the brainchild behind both Bedhead and the New Year, and they bring the loveliness of their past music to bear on this original score to film Hell House. To paraphrase Bono when asked about singing with Frank Sinatra, you can either sing above him or below him, but the point is just to get out of his damn way. With such a loaded topic as the infamous evangelical Hell House in Texas — along with new franchises in Alberta — that depicts abortion, drug use and date rape in an effort to sway the flock, the Kadane Brothers are wise to get out of the damn way and make a low-key, quiet score. Clocking in at a tiny 18 minutes, the music is certainly creepy and tension-filled, as best depicted in "Speaking in Tongues,” but it can also be inspired and quite beautiful, usually in contrast to the respective song titles, as in songs "Hell” and "Demons.” Again proving that Steve Albini can do no wrong in the production department, when the music picks up, the results leave one wishing for a full album of such inspiration, rather than the teaser presented here. (Pleximusic)