Matador To Give Pavement's Brighten the Corners the "Deluxe Redux" Treatment

Matador To Give Pavement's <i>Brighten the Corners</i> the 'Deluxe Redux' Treatment
After much humming and hawing, the folks over at Matador have finally spilled the goods on the next Pavement reissue. On November 18, the label will drop Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed., a deluxe redux that will revive the band’s fourth album and lather it in extra tracks, expanded artwork and some good ol’ remastering.

Like Matador’s first three remasters — Slanted & Enchanted; Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain; and Wowee Zowee — the "Mark IV” of Pavement reissues will get the royal treatment. On the two-disc collection, you get the entire 1997 Brighten the Corners album (remastered from the original tapes of course), a chunk of B-sides and radio sessions, as well as several previously unreleased tracks. On top of this, as we’ve come to expect from these releases, the reissue comes sporting an embossed slipcase with a 62-page book littered with that oh-so-wacky Pavement imagery.

Via Matador’s website, the label will be doing a pre-order for the reissue, which will include "very special” extras. The last time around with Wowee Zowee this kind of talk led pre-ordering customers to a "super rare” live show and an extremely limited seven-inch. The details on the special extras are to be announced shortly.

Now, here is the Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. in all its deluxe, 41-track glory:

Disc One
Original Album (Remastered) - Tracks 1-12

1. "Stereo”
2. "Shady Lane / J Vs. S”
3. "Transport is Arranged”
4. "Date w/ IKEA”
5. "Old to Begin”
6. "Type Slowly”
7. "Embassy Row”
8. "Blue Hawaiian”
9. "We Are Underused”
10. "Passat Dream”
11. "Starlings of the Slipstream”
12. "Fin”
13. "Westie Can Drum” ("Stereo” B-side)
14. "Winner of the…” ("Stereo” B-side)
15. "Birds In The Majic Industry” (Unreleased Vocal Version)
16. "Slowly Typed” ("Shady Lane” B-side)
17. "Cherry Area” ("Shady Lane” B-side)
18. "Wanna Mess You Around” ("Shady Lane” B-side)
19. "No Tan Lines” ("Shady Lane” B-side)
21. "Harness Your Hopes” ("Spit On A Stranger” B-side)
22. "Roll With the Wind” ("Spit On A Stranger” B-side)
20. "And Then… " (Unreleased full seven-minute-plus version)

Disc Two

1. "Then” (BBC Session)
2. "Harness Your Hopes” (BBC Session)
3. "The Killing Moon” (BBC Session)
4. "Winner of the…” (BBC Session)
5. "Embassy Row Psych Intro” (Unreleased BTC Session)
6. "Nigel” (Unreleased BTC Session)
7. "Chevy (Old To Begin)” (Unreleased BTC Session)
8. "Roll With The Wind (Roxy)” (Unreleased BTC Session)
9 . "For Sale! The Preston School of Industry” (Unreleased)
10. "Oddity” (from the God Save The Clean compilation)
11. "Type Slowly” (live) (from the Free Tibet compilation)
12. "Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer In a Non-Alcoholic Bar” (Unreleased)
13. "Maybe Maybe” (Unreleased)
14. "Date w/ IKEA” (Peel Session)
15. "Fin” (Peel Session)
16. "Grave Architecture” (Peel Session)
17. "The Classical” (Peel Session)
18. "Space Ghost Theme I”(Unreleased)
19. "Space Ghost Theme II” (Unreleased)
20. "Beautiful as a Butterfly” (Unreleased BTC Session)
21. "Cataracts” (Unreleased BTC Session)

Pavement "Shady Lane”