Mastodon Invite Fans to Shake Their "Asstodon" in Twerking Contest

Mastodon Invite Fans to Shake Their 'Asstodon' in Twerking Contest
Atlanta sludge favourites Mastodon stirred up a bit of buzz with their recent video for "The Motherload," which prominently features the unlikely pairing of metal music and twerking.

Ignoring detractors who claim that the video objectifies women, Mastodon have fully embraced the twerk and are now holding a dance competition for their fans.

The band are encouraging fans to upload photos of themselves twerking — with bonus points obviously being awarded to anyone who rocks a pair "Asstodon" shorts while shaking their booty. The winner will receive tickets to their choice of show as part of the band's upcoming tour.

The instructions from the band's Facebook page are as follows:

We're giving away tickets to our upcoming tour, and all you have to do is twerk for it. Take a photo of your best twerk and upload it to Facebook. Bonus points if you're wearing Asstodon shorts. To be considered, you must caption your photo like this:

"I want to see Mastodon on [INSERT DATE OF THE SHOW YOU WANT TO ATTEND] at [INSERT VENUE OF SHOW YOU WANT TO ATTEND]. Check out my #Asstodon."

We like our Facebook page and we're sure you do as well, so please keep your photos R-rated.

For Canadians hoping to get in on the action, Mastodon's sole stop north of the border is in Montreal on October 29. You can grab a pair of "Asstodon" shorts over here and get inspired by "The Motherload" video below.