Martyr A.D. On Earth as it is in Hell

The Victory Records machine has processed yet another band into the realm of limitation. It seems every band that joins this label releases a sub par album and disappears into an endlessly touring carnival. The mediocrity must be stressed because it is certainly not a bad listen; it’s just not what Martyr A.D sounds good at doing. Their authenticity and heaviness has disappeared into a crispy, battered piece of flesh for hardcore consumption. They do venture into many more technicalities than on their previous Ferret release, The Human Condition in Twelve Fractions. This time around the mosh is more frequent and contrived. The vocals are just as vicious as ever but nearly as gritty. It is becoming hard to discern whether it’s the band that sucks or the genre that is saturated. Their older record should not be discredited on account of this. (Victory)