Mark Ronson "I Can't Lose" (ft. Keyone Starr) (video)

Mark Ronson 'I Can't Lose' (ft. Keyone Starr) (video)
Lesson learned in the new video for Mark Ronson's Uptown Special single, "I Can't Lose": never underestimate the power of a trumpet. As you'll discover, a brass blast levels the competition during the clip's nightclub battle scene.

The video is loaded with an assortment of shadowy crowd members and neon-lit instruments, the latter including Ronson's shiny electric twanger. Together, he, guest vocalist Keyone Starr and the rest of a backup band pump out a particularly potent, '80s-minded soul-pop number for the audience.

There's some shady business going on as well, with both narratives dovetailing into a choreographed neon display that somehow brings together the aesthetics of Michael Jackon's "Smooth Criminal" video with the 1960s Batman TV series.

You can soak up the sights and sounds of Ronson's latest smash below.