Marjen You Are Here. So Am I.

A chill, Shadow-esque producer from Saskatoon, SK, Marjen delivers a debut album that is completely unassuming while leaving plenty of room for the music to stand on its own. The packaging is pretty much a thin cardboard envelope with simple drawings and layout. There’s a long list of personal thank yous, a detailed list of the tools used to make the songs and the album credits but nothing about the songs themselves, just ten untitled songs. The drums dominate the tracks and as with all of the other sounds Marjen uses, they change and progress to avoid becoming repetitious and boring. The sample choices create a dark, dreamlike soundscape that’s great as relaxing background music but with a replay value that withstands repeated plays even while doing nothing besides just listening to the music. This is pretty much perfect for a rainy day drive. (Non-Existent)