Marissa Nadler "Was It a Dream"

Marissa Nadler 'Was It a Dream'
Marissa Nadler's unseasonably titled new album July is out now through Sacred Bones, and the Boston songwriter has shared a video for the album cut "Was It a Dream."

The Ryan Hamilton Walsh-directed video for this ghostly folk cut is a scratchy, vintage-looking clip that shows a man reviewing some old analogue film reels. What he discovers is shots of Nadler intercut with silent film footage.

A director's note offers this insight about the clip:

This video utilizes many beautiful films from the early days of the medium to create a surreal, collage effect when mixed with our present day footage (shot to match & interact with the vintage footage).

These films were carefully chosen both for their beauty, strangeness, and because their public domain status allowed for this kind of re-purposing. This video hopes to honor the past by finding ways to make these incredible films part of the present.

A list of the films included can be found here. Watch "Was It a Dream" below.

You can also read an interview with Marissa Nadler by clicking here.