Marissa Nadler "Solitude" (Black Sabbath cover)

Marissa Nadler 'Solitude' (Black Sabbath cover)
Black Sabbath's track "Solitude" from 1971's Master of Reality is one of the veteran hard rock band's quietest, most contemplative tracks. This makes it a perfect fit for spooky songwriter Marissa Nadler, who has rolled out a cover of the tune.

Nadler's version is faithful to the nocturnal, atmospheric tone of the original ballad. She omits the woodland flutes and adds a little hint of overdrive to the guitar, while her soft synth pads help to create a particularly dreamy, sinisterly soporific mood.

In a note on Facebook, Nadler referred to "Solitude" as "one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs." Parker Kindred is credited with percussion (although it's difficult to hear where this percussion actually is). The track was mixed by Mike Fiore. Hear it below.