Marissa Nadler "Carnival"

Marissa Nadler 'Carnival'
Active Minds, a not-for-profit organization "dedicated to raising mental health awareness among college students," is hoping to raise even more awareness via the release of an upcoming charity compilation called One Hundred Thousand Voices. Marissa Nadler is one of the many artists involved, and she's contributed a canyon-deep acoustic rumination on love called "Carnival."

The song is sketched out with a limber, finger-picked guitar melody, with layers of echoing vocals filling in the gaps. While the song features lines about how "life isn't like what it was before," there's a comforting warmth to the felt-soft vocals to offset the saddened tone.

You'll find the track down below. The rest of One Hundred Thousand Voices includes cuts from Dum Dum Girls, La Sera, Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper, and more. Active Minds delivers it in full June 19.