Marine Dreams "Constant Love" on Exclaim! TV

Marine Dreams 'Constant Love' on Exclaim! TV
From the moment Marine Dreams launch into the premiere of "Constant Love" on Exclaim! TV, it's apparent this is some finely executed guitar music. Ian Kehoe, originally from Southern Ontario and currently living in Sackville, NB, used to play bass in Attack In Black and is now the central figure behind Marine Dreams.

On "Constant Love" Kehoe manages to be relatable without being saccharine. "I don't want no love that isn't constant love," he sings before paradoxically acknowledging the simple truth that "no, there's no real absolutes."

With this mix of earnest lyrics and prominent guitars, Kehoe ends up channeling classic Alex Chilton indie pop songwriting even more than on his excellent 2011 Marine Dreams debut.

Usual Marine Dreams suspects are along for the ride here. Tamara Lindeman of experimental folk project the Weather Station contributes to backing vocals and fellow Attack In Black member Spencer Burton adds some jangly guitar lines.