Attack in Black's Ian Kehoe Rolls Out Debut as Marine Dreams

> Oct 26 2011

Attack in Black's Ian Kehoe Rolls Out Debut as Marine Dreams
By Alex HudsonWe haven't heard much from Attack in Black for a couple of the years, but the band members have been anything but idle. Frontman Daniel Romano has issued a pair of solo albums, plus one with Daniel, Fred & Julie, while guitarist Spencer Burton rolled out his Grey Kingdom project. Now, bassist Ian Kehoe is getting ready to drop his first LP as Marine Dreams.

According to a press release, this solo album offers a "slanted take on classic pop sounds" that is "broken, distorted and instantly charming." It's an apparently weird and arty take on "bubble gum pop."

Download the album cut "Fold the Sky" for free right here.

The ten-song collection was recorded in Welland, ON. Tracking was done in Daniel and Ian Romano's home studio, and all of Attack in Black's members contributed. Interestingly, the press release refers to the collaborators as "former Attack in Black members," so it looks as if the band may finally be officially done.

Kehoe will be taking Marine Dreams on a short November tour that includes two dates in Atlantic Canada, plus four in Ontario. Scroll past the tracklist to see the schedule.

Marine Dreams:

1. "Fold the Sky"
2. "Yet to See the Sun"
3. "Season in Hell"
4. "We'll Get Her Back in Your Arms"
5. "New Decade"
6. "No Face"
7. "Sudden Dark Truths"
8. "Visions"
9. "I Can Laugh"
10. "Marine Dreams"

Tour dates:

11/11 Halifax, NS - Gus' Pub
11/12 Sackville, NB - Struts
11/22 St Catharines, ON - Parts & Labor
11/24 Toronto, ON - Parts & Labor
11/25 Hamilton, ON - The Casbah Lounge
11/27 London, ON - The Brass

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