Marilyn Manson Says He Used to Piss on Korn's Catering

And he converted Glenn Danzig's tour bus into a sex den
Marilyn Manson Says He Used to Piss on Korn's Catering
If last year's assault rifle microphone incident taught us anything, it's that Marilyn Manson will still do anything he can to keep his title of "shock rocker." But he's undoubtedly shocked some people with his off-stage antics as well if some wild tour anecdotes are to be believed.

Sitting down with Rob Zombie in a promo video ahead of their summer tour, the two recalled first meeting each other on a tour sporting Manson, Zombie, Danzig and Korn on the bill.

"It was definitely Danzig… Danzig and Korn was before us," Manson said, before adding, "I used to piss on their catering."

Zombie added, "Well, you gotta do what you gotta do," before Manson revealed he only used to relieve himself on his touring partners' grub because he "thought it was funny."

Manson also admitted to taking advantage of Danzig's tour transport, saying, "I would use his bus as a place for sexual liaisons."

For better or worse, Manson did not go into further detail. But you can watch the video for yourself below.

Manson and Zombie will hit the road on the "Twins of Evil: The Second Coming" tour this July. You can find a complete itinerary here.