Marilyn Manson Punched in the Face at Alberta Denny's

Marilyn Manson Punched in the Face at Alberta Denny's
Can't a shock rocker eat his Moon Over My Hammy in peace? A pancake run reportedly turned violent this past weekend for Marilyn Manson, who apparently got punched in the face at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning (April 5) at a Denny's in Lethbridge, AB.

CTV Lethbridge reports that, according to eye-witnesses, Manson and his crew were leaving the restaurant (located in the Sandman Inn on Mayor Magrath Drive) when the rocker got into a confrontation with a 21-year-old man just inside the front door. Manson's body guards apparently got involved, and the scuffle spilled out into the hotel lobby.

UPDATE: It looks like the reports were accurate, since Manson was indeed punched in the face at Denny's. The rocker's manager told TMZ that the singer was approached by two girls who asked for a photo, and when he agreed, a man sucker-punched him. There was apparently no provocation and Manson denies calling anyone a "bitch."

The attacker also apparently elbowed Manson's makeup artist in the face and threatened to blow up the singer's concert. The star and his makeup artist both plan to press charges.

Manson's reps did not respond to CTV's inquiries that the musician suffered a broken nose. Denny's has also not commented.

TMZ adds that Manson got into an argument with another table and allegedly called his attacker's girlfriend a "bitch."

Police have confirmed that there was an incident at the Denny's at the night in question and that the victim suffered minor injuries, but no charges were filed and the issue has been dropped.

Meanwhile, Manson's tour continues on. Last night (April 6) he played in Saskatoon, and tonight he will play in Regina, with a Winnipeg show to follow on Thursday (April 9). See his tour schedule here.