Mantler Sadisfaction

Mantler brings thoughts of Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach Boys and Super Furry Animals to mind. The music is soft, keyboard-driven pop supported by a lonesome drum machine. Dennis Frey's voice sounds like Gruff Rhys (SFA) and Carl Wilson morphed into one. Like the simplicity of new acoustic heroes Kings Of Convenience, Mantler's music contains many of the same qualities. "So Near" is so delicate that when the vocals are raised beyond normal, it's almost as if Frey is shouting, when in reality he is only using a medium volume voice. "Hoped-For Chance" is the Beta Band with Burt Bacharach's horn section, but without the goofiness. While the vocals are such a soft and nice touch to the songs, if they were to be removed, the remaining music would not sound unlike, say, Boards Of Canada. Unfortunately, with this record came no bio or information about the band, but based on the sounds of this record, I can definitely say that you will get Sadisfaction from Mantler's music. (Amenity)