Manraygun Misfortune Telling

What you have to admire about Manraygun’s latest release, Misfortune Telling, is its rustic simplicity. The record is beaten down by wave after wave of emotion, ranging from a lover’s nostalgia to the complete realization of one’s stupidity. But somewhere down within the well-paced guitars and organic undertones exists an unadorned desire to experience all of life’s little hardships. "Mattress Wounds” is a notable track thanks to a catchy melody smothered in fiery vocals. "Tightrope Tapdance” is also worth mentioning — the lyrics can’t help but poke fun at humanity’s often embarrassing circus acts. As Misfortune Telling progresses, it’s clear that the Edmonton-based quintet are smiling quietly at adversity, glad that they’ve got some authentic experiences to compare to an often surreal life. (Independent)