Manafest The Chase

Every track on The Chase sounds like it belongs in the start-up menu for a sports videogame. If you start the game and come back to the main menu, the opening riff will start again. Unless you leave the game on, while doing something else, you will never here the song in its entirety, eventually you will be only peripherally aware the tune exists. Trevor McNevan (of 1,000 Foot Krutch) makes several appearances on Manafest's fourth studio album. The two have worked together in the past and hope to create a little magic again. The new album is characterized "as 12 tracks of gritty guitars and aggressive rhymes, fusing rock and rap styles." In fact, in certain instances, the guitars sound like watered-down versions of something that may have once in another incarnation been heavy and brooding, but has since been filtered down and packaged. The rhymes are many things, aggressive not being one of them; "easily digestible" seems a more apt description. Manafest already garnered one Juno nomination for his sophomore album, Glory, in 2007, it would not surprise me if The Chase receives similar accolades and gains him some more fans along the way. There is a market for what Manafest is selling. (Fontana North)