Manafest Citizens Activ

Manafest fuses rap and emo. His third album, Citizens Activ, would have been a major label executive’s wet dream had it dropped two years ago. But things have changed: rap doesn’t sell unless it’s a ringtone and emo has gone the way of the dodo. Don’t tell that to Manafest though, who entered Japan’s top ten charts with this album. But this says more about Japan’s tastes than Manafest’s skills. The almost 30-year-old Canadian is making music for people half his age. For evidence, look no further than "Break Up,” a song in which you can practically hear the bubblegum popping, or "Kick It,” the soundtrack for any young man sent to his room. He does, on one occasion, show that he can crossover to mainstream, adult-sized listeners on the Outkast-inspired (or filched) "Top of the World.” Lyrically, he is about as innocuous as a bobble-head, which may or may not have something to do with his status as Christian rap. Manafest delivers the type of rap you wouldn’t mind your children listening to, so long as they outgrow it before high school. (Independent)