The Lazarus Complex

BY Matt MernaghPublished Mar 1, 2000

Finding a muse for their sixth release has greatly improved Malhavoc. Unfortunately, the band has come to the Book of the Dead influence a few years too late. Although The Lazarus Complex sounds excellent, with its minor industrial undertones mixed with apocalyptic beats, one can't help but believe that this release is slightly stale and dated. It should be noted that they haven't released an album since Get Down, recorded in 1994. Malhavoc, with producer Dave "Rave" Ogilve, build on the zombie myth created by George A. Romero's Evil Dead films. Mistakenly, the zombie cheese factor doesn't play a big role on this album - that's part of the appeal of the zombie. For dedicated fans, exploring the depths the band has gone to get fully zombiefied will have them going back for extensive listening sessions. Opener "Portent" definitely pulls the listener in with its minor Eastern music influence. People are prepared to either splatter zombies in video games or watch them get torn apart in movies. It's debatable whether they want to listen to songs about the undead, but Malhavoc have given it a good shot anyway.

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