'Right Now' Establishes Malachi as a Rising Talent in Toronto R&B

'Right Now' Establishes Malachi as a Rising Talent in Toronto R&B
Emerging from Toronto's outskirts as one of the city's R&B newcomers, 21-year-old Malachi proves that no features are necessary with his well-crafted new EP, Right Now. Humbly starting out in the choir at his grandmother's church, Malachi's outpouring of creativity continues to flourish in this fresh release, as the young crooner establishes his individual sound and style.

As the son of a former Trinidadian reggae artist and 90's R&B aficionado, Malachi takes his deep-rooted musical influences and adapts them in the studio. The single "Aquafina" strongly illustrates the range in the Whitby native's musical background, and when paired with solid songwriting and rich vocals, it's hard to deny the song's catchiness and dance-able swagger.

Other defining songs of the project, like "San Fernando Wine" and "Right Now," exhibit a more romantic side to the singer. Resembling a cross between John Legend and the Weeknd, Malachi blends the angst of his lyrics with the undeniable allure of his voice. Though enticing and enigmatic, Malachi also surprises listeners with the curveball track "I Got You," a tune that pleasantly dabbles with a more lighthearted and pop-esque sound.

Like the ever-so-complex relationship status of "it's complicated," Malachi presents us with an emotionally complex collection. The foolproof pairing of the production's beguiling sound and the singer's lustrous voice makes for a charming EP — a promising showcase of the up-and-comer's take on modern Toronto R&B. (21 Entertainment/Umusic)